Carb crud…

22/11/2020: In my last post I mentioned that I had to retire the car from the Brookland Autosolo because of a fuel flow issue. I bit the bullet and started the fuel system strip and clean today. I spent a happy couple of hours at the garage taking the carbs off the car and then another few at home starting to strip them.

My first observation is that I think I have found the culprit causing the fuel flow issues. Inside the carbs is gross! There is a gel like substance mixed in with grit. The fuel filter was missing from one of the carbs and this can’t have helped.

Here a before and after of taking the carbs off:

Not too much work, just four nuts for each carb and then some fiddling with the throttle linkages. I can’t wait to tidy these up a bit and, with the carbs removed, I can now get to the rest of the engine bay to give it a detail!

When I got them home a very brief inspection indicated that I was along the right lines in suspecting blocked up jets:

Now, this gel is sat in the choke jets. As far as I am aware my setup doesn’t use these. Nevertheless, if this stuff is here then it will be elsewhere too.

I don’t think the car was used heavily by the previous owners. With a carb setup I understand that there is the risk that if you fill the reservoirs with fuel and then let the evaporate over and over then residue can build up. I suspect that is what has happened here. My heavy right foot, coupled with the autosolo competitions, has created enough vibration to shake all this loose and for it start to cause a problem.

The strip is going well enough but I need a fine punch to release the throttle spring leaver. It’s quite late now so I’m going to take a break and pick it back up during the week.

Here’s a few more pictures of the disassembly:

The last picture really shows how gunked up they are! I’m surprised the car even moved!

In case anyone stumbles across this blog looking for advice, don’t listen to me! However, this bloke really seems to know what he is talking about:

I’ve found his step-by-step instructions really easy to follow (he does one on assembly too!). I must admit, watching this towards the end I’m a little nervous about trying to get the spindle out!

Lastly, my carbs are really grimy on the outside. I’m thinking of getting them vapour blasted. I spotted a Facebook advert a few weeks back for Roy’s Vapour Blasting, which I think is a new service near where I live. I dropped Roy a message via his webpage and received a response in less than two hours… excellent customer service! If finances over Christmas allow then I will have the carbs done.

I need to source a service kit and I’ll probably get replacement bearings whilst I’m at it. I also need to find some braided fuel hose that is rated to deal with the new higher ethanol content in modern fuels.

Right, that’s enough for now. I’ll post an update to this page when I have some progress to report.

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