Tim’s Tiger Super Six Blog

My name is Tim and this is a Blog about my Tiger Super Six. I’m using this blog to keep track of the work I do and what I learn about the car as I do it. I’ll hopefully be out on a few track days soon and will post about that too. I’m new to Tigers, new to mechanics and new to Blogging so it’s going to be a journey for me!

Sanding, sanding and more sanding…

So I’ve started to tackle a bit of the bodywork aiming for a spruce up ahead of something a bit more thorough next winter. The nose cone is full of scuffs and scratches like those in the picture above. I’m on a bit of a missions to get as many of them out as I […]

One more to the ambush?

One of the great things about owning a Tiger is the amazing community. It’s big enough to have all the answers, but small enough to care and feel a part of. I had the opportunity to give a little back yesterday when I met a top bloke called Bob who is thinking about buying himself […]

I’ll post updates about what I get up to with the car (on and off track) but for the technical stuff there are three lists below. As times goes by I’ll build up a series of pages that chronical the work done, the problems encountered and the solutions created. Useful for me and perhaps useful for others too!

Jobs underway

Jobs still to do

Jobs complete

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