Tim’s Tiger Super Six Blog

My name is Tim and this is a Blog about my Tiger Super Six. I’m using this blog to keep track of the work I do and what I learn about the car as I do it. I’ll hopefully be out on a few track days soon and will post about that too. I’m new to Tigers, new to mechanics and new to Blogging so it’s going to be a journey for me!

  • Introducing the car…

    31st Aug 2019 by

    I bought my Tiger at the end of August 2019. The car didn’t come with a wealth of history because it had a build blog on PistonHeads.com. I haven’t yet been able to find this blog (I hope I do!) but I will share what I discover about the car as I go. Here’s the… Read more

  • Test fitted…

    23rd Nov 2019 by

    So this shouldn’t have taken me the four hours that it did! Including a trip to pick up some new hex sockets. However, here we are: I’m much clearer on how it all goes together and the bonus is that Tiger have already modified the brake pads to fit. None of the old brake assembly… Read more

  • Test fitting…

    23rd Nov 2019 by

    So the plan today is to head down to the garage, remove the old brake callipers and test fit the new Tiger branded, 4 pot, fixed brake callipers. I’ve read the instructions a number of times and I have to be honest they don’t make much sense to me! I suspect I’ll be able to… Read more

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I’ll post updates about what I get up to with the car (on and off track) but for the technical stuff there are three lists below. As times goes by I’ll build up a series of pages that chronical the work done, the problems encountered and the solutions created. Useful for me and perhaps useful for others too!

Jobs underway

  • No jobs under way at the moment… I’m either waiting for parts or the money to buy them!

Jobs still to do

Jobs complete

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