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My name is Tim and this is a Blog about my Tiger Super Six. I’m using this blog to keep track of the work I do and what I learn about the car as I do it. I’ll hopefully be out on a few track days soon and will post about that too. I’m new to Tigers, new to mechanics and new to Blogging so it’s going to be a journey for me!

So first a bit about the car!

I bought my Tiger at the end of August 2019. The car didn’t come with a wealth of history because it had a build blog on PistonHeads.com. I haven’t yet been able to find this blog (I hope I do!) but I will share what I discover about the car as I go.

Here’s the basics. The car was first registered in 2003 and initially had a pinto engine. The pinto let go at a track (the best ending for an engine) and a 2.0L Ford Zetec engine was added as a replacement. The Zetec has had twin 45 Weber carburettors and a modified sump has been fitted. This was done three or four years ago. Since then the car has only done 1,300 miles. I suspect that there is an upgraded head and something has been done with the cams as well but I’m not sure. Best estimation of horsepower is 150 – 155 bhp.

As I find out more about the car, and do upgrades myself, I’ll update this page here.

Body Logic

On the advice of a member of a kitcar group I’m part of, I’m looking at a BCU. Should be a relatively straight forward way to make the electronic system bullet proof. I’m scheduling a discussion with their sales teams this week. Only I could change the job of trouble shooting a…

A decision looming…

I think that I’m going to commit to doing something a little drastic(ish). I don’t think I know enough about electrics and wiring to fix two (or now three problems). The original hazard problem remains (i.e. right hand side lights not engaging), I have a vampiric charge which flattens the battery when…


So I popped down to the garage this morning and whilst I was there I replaced the spade connector I accidently pulled off last weekend and ‘finished’ replacing the hazard switch. Here’s the situation update: Right hand side indicators still not flashing when hazard switch engaged.Left hand indicators now not flashing when…


Something went wrong. Please refresh the page and/or try again.

I’ll post updates about what I get up to with the car (on and off track) but for the technical stuff there are three lists below. As times goes by I’ll build up a series of pages that chronical the work done, the problems encountered and the solutions created. Useful for me and perhaps useful for others too!

Jobs underway

  • Replacing the hazard switch and fabricating a new dash insert for the button.
  • Conversion from Weber 45s to ITBs… eek!
  • Replacing side and rear view mirrors.

Jobs still to do

  • Geometry and suspension setup
  • Replace gear box oil
  • Replace differential oil
  • Investigate battery isolator switch
  • Tidy up body work

Jobs complete

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    1. Hi Martin,

      Good to hear from you.. yes but I’m terrible at keeping this up to date! The big project is a switch from carbs to ITBs… I’ve used my next five Christmas and birthday presents to get these:
      Thinking that I might need to upgrade the ignition systems as well… we can take bets on if it ever moves again 😉

      Which Tiger do you have? Where are you based?



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