A decision looming…

I think that I’m going to commit to doing something a little drastic(ish). I don’t think I know enough about electrics and wiring to fix two (or now three problems). The original hazard problem remains (i.e. right hand side lights not engaging), I have a vampiric charge which flattens the battery when it’s not disconnect, and then there’s the issues created by removing the switches.

I don’t have a wiring diagram for the car and I don’t think the builder followed the wiring diagram provided by Tiger. So… I’m thinking of building a new loom for the lights, fuel pump, and ECU from scratch. This will allow me to build up an understanding of how this works, develop a clear wiring diagram and hopefully address the issues listed above.

I’m 90% sure I’m going to do this as I can build it at home away from the car… make sure it all works and then fit it in. Going to get going on some research as to the bits and pieces I’m going to need to do this.

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