A little about me…

Before jumping into the car I thought it might be useful to share a little about myself.

My name is Tim, I’m in my late 30s and, amongst some other hobbies, I love cars and motorsport. Other than helping my brother restore a trials bike when I was in my early teens, I have no experience of working on cars/bikes. This has always made me feel a little sad as I’m quite mechanically minded and it felt (or perhaps feels!) like I should know a little about how things work under the bonnet.

Whilst I do enjoy getting a bit greasy, and learning about how cars work, I really enjoy driving fast and being on circuits. I have some karting experience and have spent too much money on ‘Red Letter’ experience days. I’m lucky enough to be at a point where I can spend a little money on indulging myself. So that leads me to be here, a proud owner of a Tiger Super Six which I bought two weeks ago. I’ll post separately about what I know about the car.

So why am I blogging publicly? For two reasons. The first is to help me create and maintain a history of the work done to the car. At some point I will, probably rather sadly, sell the vehicle. If the new owner is anything like me they will appreciate the extra information. The second reason is that there is a great community around the Tiger cars (including a forum). Jumping into the world of owning a kit car can be a little intimidating! There are some very knowledgeable people out there and starting from scratch feels like there is a long way to go. Perhaps by sharing my story others that are thinking about taking the plunge into owning a Tiger, or other kit car, might feel more comfortable (or perhaps not!).

I guess finally, this blog will give me a way to connect to the community and others with similar interests. I expect that I will get things wrong, get things right and perhaps get things somewhere in between but I will share each step and look forward to learning along the way.

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