A few bits and pieces

So popped down to the garage with a modest list of jobs to do. I’ve cleaned up the area behind the radiator as best I can. It certainly was a bit grubby from all of the leaked coolant and salt from the road.

I’ve had a good hunt around the engine for the casting mark. I finally found it on the edge of the bell housing. The code start EDDC which means I’m able to identify the block. I also pulled the codes from the carburettors too. I’ve updated the vehicle page with this new information.

Finally with a few sharp taps from a hammer, some heat from a mini blowtorch and a little bit of brute force I’ve freed the three nuts connecting the upper, offside ball joint to the wishbone. After the radiator is back in the ball join replacement and shock refurbs are the next big job. After that, we are ready to get to the track (if there is any weather left!).

The old radiator arrived at Custom Made Rads yesterday and Darren will be calling me on Monday to discuss the details. That leaves me with two weeks to tidy up some of the surface rust caused by stone chips that you see in the picture above. I’ll have to use a fair bit of elbow grease for this as my budget is spent and I don’t have a grinder (yet). Worth doing though as the radiator is off and I can easily access all the front of the chassis.

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