One more to the ambush?

One of the great things about owning a Tiger is the amazing community. It’s big enough to have all the answers, but small enough to care and feel a part of. I had the opportunity to give a little back yesterday when I met a top bloke called Bob who is thinking about buying himself a Tiger. He wasn’t sure what model, so wanted to come and have sit in one to see what it felt like. I was able to oblige and managed to the headlights back on so that I could take him out for a spin. the weather played ball but the traffic didn’t. We got to open her up a little bit but didn’t make it out to the country lanes.

Well Bob didn’t, after I’d dropped him off at his car I stuck £15 of fuel in the car and then went and burned it… massive smile on my face the whole way around.

So what’s the deal with the title of the post? Bob and I were trying to figure out what the collective noun for a group of Tigers is. Turns out it is either an ambush or a streak. Perfect! A group of Tigers parked up is an ambush and then when on the move a streak!

Here’s the finished headlights:

They are back on the car and fully working. They do need to be aligned properly (just need to get my head around the MOT jargon). The next task is something gentle and absolutely guaranteed to not put my MOT at risk. I’m going to see if I can the scratches out of the nose cone. There’s nothing major but there are some marks. I’ve already bought a few products and will get the page for this up and running soon.

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