Brooklands Autosolo…

So I had the SuperSix out at the FDMC Brooklands autosolo at the weekend. Mixed fortunes.

The weather was rubbish but I seem to drive faster the wetter it is! Here’s a link to the first three runs:

Quite pleased how hard I pushed on the third and final run.

I was placed 3rd in class (out of 7) and 9th overall (out of about 50ish I think) at this point in the event. My last run was on the pace and certainly in touching distance of the faster drivers.

The whole event has started to slow down and I was seeing the cones more quicky… I’m a bit more confident with the ‘right foot steering’ which is needed with the limited lock too.

After a promising start the curse of the fuel flow struck again! Lumpy acceleration upto about 3,000 – 3,500 rpm with the engine being starved below this. I felt I really had to retire the car so that I had chance to limp it home (actually not limp it… needed to keep it around 4,000 rpm!).

I very much suspect that I have rubbish in the carbs and this is nothing that a good clean out won’t fix. I’ve added stripping and cleaning the fuel system to the winter tasks!

Here’s a pic of me and then the car in front of a bit of the remaining banking at Brooklands:

The car is certainly off the road for winter work. Problem is that real work is manic at the moment… 60 – 70 hours a week the norm so progress is likely to be a bit slow.

Because I want to spend a some time under the car (I want to replace all of the fluids including the gearbox and differential oil) I built some wooden car stands.

I tied them up a bit more but the picture below will give you the idea.

I’ll let you know how they perform

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