A little bit of cleaning and another job…

Hopefully the radiator is arriving tomorrow so I can get another job ticked off and car taken out for a little bit of a shake down. I haven’t driven it since replacing the exhaust mounts and I don’t want to do too much without making sure it is all okay.

I popped down to the garage today to do a little bit more cleaning. It’s not the easiest since I don’t have water at the garage. A spray bottle with some detergent and a basin of clean water with a sponge. Seems to have done the trick though.

The nose cone and the bonnet were both pretty mucky after the motorway trip back and the coolant league. They look much better now.

When cleaning the nose cone though I spotted that the indicator was held together with insulation tape. Not ideal! I think I have found the same indicator and they aren’t expensive so I’ll replace them next week. I’ve added another job to the list here.

Finally, I mounted the GoPro style camera that my brother has lent me. Some cable tie innovation was needed (!) but I don’t think it is going anywhere. This is great because I should be able to put some video of the shake down trip up with a week or so.

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