Two jobs finished and another close…

I was down at the garage again today. The weather has really turned and it was pretty chilly! I managed to get two jobs finished up. One small and one bigger.

I replaced the dodgy hose clip identified in the last post:

A simple job but one that left undone could have consequences. I should check all of the other hose clips too. If one has reached the end of it serviceable live then other might be close.

The bigger job was the suspension. After a bit of a fight to get the spring back onto the shocks everything is back on the car and I can tick this job off. Hoping to get out for a shake down run tomorrow. I doubt the paint on the spraying I’m doing will be dry enough though.

That’s a seamless link into the job I’ve moved on. Last weekend I got the rust cleaned off the front most cross member and two coats of primer down. Today I got the first top coat down. The weather is so cold I’m going to give it overnight to dry.

A bit frustratingly I was hoping to take off, or at least explore, the upper ball joint that needs replacing. However, the one bolt that holds the bottom in (and is orientated horizontally) will not budge. I’ve hit it, heated it and lubricated it to no avail! I think this will be one for a proper mechanic!

(I was so busy today I forgot to take pictures! I’ll update the post tomorrow with some eye candy…)

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