Time flies!

My word… over a month since I last posted! Work has been a bit busy and then I was away over Christmas so I’ve been concentrating on the car rather than the posting.

The hardware sent through with the kit was too long and I needed some spacers to get the callipers central on the discs. I then had a drama undoing the flare nuts (mainly because I didn’t know what one was until I started having a problem with it!). I then got my left and rights mixed up and rounded one of the cap head bolts. Finally I inserted one of the banjo bolts the wrong way around when attaching the braided brake host to the calliper causing a slow leak. Anyway, I now have the front upgrade kit aligned and installed. It has been a little bit of a journey (!) and I’ll update the brake page in the next few days.

I’ve had the car out for a test drive and it goes and stops. According to the instructions it will take a few 100 miles to bed in the brakes.

I’ve also ordered and received a ball joint press. I’ve had a quick go at removing the ball joint that has the split gaiter. As with everything it’s quite stuck in there (the section that inserts in the knuckle not the section that’s pressed in). I didn’t have a lump hammer at my garage so next time I head down I’ll see if I can add a little more persuasion!

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