Splish Splash!

So I’m like a kid when I have a new toy. I have to play with it. We had some decent weather after a long period of rain. I’d planned a circuit of West Berkshire and my wife was navigating. We did get a little lost and we found an interesting water feature (watch all the videos with the sound off as I haven’t sorted the audio yet!):

In all I captured over two hours of footage. There were a few interesting moments other that didn’t involve water! First, the gentlemen in the inside in the following footage was encouraging me to pull away. I was happy to oblige (all with the speed limit of course!) but Stacey wasn’t expecting it and she lost her hat. This meant I was in trouble!

I also got a bit of footage of me opening up a little on the country roads. All perfectly within the speed limit…

We learned a few things from the trip. First is that although I love to play with my toys it’s a bit chilly in winter in an open car. Who’d of thought it! Second, cold roads, cold tyres and damp mean that she can be quite twitchy. I was a few minutes from home and blipped the throttle in a corner to test the grip levels. There weren’t any and she tried to right around on me. The battery had run out on the camera so my dented ego wasn’t captured on film. Probably safer to wait for the summer if I’m not on a track (where I can push the tyre to get heat). Finally. baseball caps are not suitable headwear!

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