So, I’ve been out and about a bit in the car which has involved a few firsts. I attended my first kit car club meet. I’m a member of the North West Kit Car Owners Group (NWKCOG), the Tiger’s Owners Club and now Farnborough District Motor Club (FDMC). This kit car meet was a little bit of a liquorice allsorts as it was made up from members of a few different clubs getting together, in a socially distant way, near Aylesbury.

We then headed in convoy to a national forest where there’s a decent cafe where we were joined by a few other cars.

As you can see the weather brightened up considerable throughout the day. This was fortunate and I’m still running Toyo R888s which I feel need a little heat in them to work properly. It was certainly a bit sketchy on the hours drive up to Aylesbury! We broke up into smaller groups and headed out for some spirited country lane driving. I forget to pack my camera so I don’t have any footage.

I mentioned that I’d joined FDMC, top group of people so far and I’ve been encouraged to sign up for my first motorsport event. An autosolo at the end of July. Autosolo consists of racing a very tight course of cones in an area no bigger than 200m by 200m. I’ll likley be hopeless but I’m sure I’ll have fun. I have some stuff to do to the car to get it ready and compliance with the regs. I’ll add a page on this sometime in the next few days and share how supportive FDMC have been.

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