So yesterday was my first foray in to ‘competitive’ motorsport (not that I was very competitive!). In case people are not aware of it, Autosolo is a relatively new discipline and takes place on a 200m x 200m tarmac area and you race against the clock through a slalom set up with cones. The cones are set up in different configurations (called a test) and each test is raced 3 times (with the best two times counting). Each cone hit is a 5 second penalty and if you go the wrong way then this is called a wrong test and is a maximum penalty (fastest time plus 20 seconds I think). Cars race in 6 classes with mine being in the fastest ‘F’ class.

Passed scrutineering… should look happier!

I can’t tell you how quickly the cones come up and how confusing it all looked to start! The first test I got two wrong test penalties, the next two test one wrong test and the final test none. The first test effectively put me to the bottom of the leaderboard because I carried a maximum penalty as one of my two fastest times. It did start to slow down though as I got a hang of where I was going, and how to remember the many turns, my times came down. I developed more confident in the car as well as the tests progressed.

Queuing up for the first run.

Good times were in the 60 – 65 second. I started in the mid-80s for the first test which dropped to high then low 70s in second two and then the last test was 60s with my last run being the fastest at 66 seconds. A few of the corners were so tight that I didn’t have enough steering lock to get round and not enough bravery to throw the back end out… next time! I think I would need to play with the setup to loosen the back end next time. We started in the wet and it dried out towards the end.

An action shot.

The car was great and didn’t overheat once. Picked up a small fuel flow issue (I think) on the way home that I’m sure won’t take long to fix. I couldn’t run my GoPro as it was a ministry of Defence site but someone did grab a few pictures of me in ‘action’. The amount I’m aching this morning is an indication of how much fun I has yesterday!

A very dirty car!

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