So I managed to get the car to another autosolo a few weekends ago.

The solo was held at Abingdon Airfield and organised by Farnborough District Motorclub (FDMC). The section of the runway we were using clearly hadn’t been used by anything for quite a while as between the tarmac slabs that make up the surface there were loads of weeds… some almost 2 feet tall! Not so much of a problem except that as the day when on we tore up the weeds and mud which combined with the drizzle and a bit of oil to create and ‘interesting’ surface. Really good fun though and I had a hoot despite the fact that with no windscreen I got very muddy!

I drove much better at this event than in the last. Whilst I cut down on the mistakes frustratingly on second test I had two wrong tests which resulted in me carrying a penalty into the leaderboard putting me in the bottom half. I need to cut the mistakes out! I think I also should have had the award for the most embarrassing wrong test. On the first run I just had a brain burp and missed out a third of the circuit!

Eleven of the twelve runs are captured in this footage including all of the silly mistakes:

My last run was the fastest and, in typical fashion, the memory card was full so I didn’t capture it! I was only about 2 seconds of the pace and pushing quite hard. No wrong tests after lunch either. Lot’s of positives.

A couple called Ash and Emma had their first solo at Abingdon. They’ve captured a blog style video and I make a cameo appearance at 14:03:

At the end of both solos I’ve developed a hesitation in the throttle which feels like something to do with the fuel system. I can feel a carburetor service coming up!

We’re off to caffine and machine for breakfast… I’ll grab a few pictures and put another post up soon.

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