Winter Plans

Work has been so busy that the working on the car has had to, reluctantly, wait. Anyway, the New Year should be a little quieter and I’ve already started working on a few bits and pieces.

At the last MOT the hazard lights weren’t working. I’m 95% sure that it’s an issue with the switch. Access to the back of the dashboard is limited so the plan is to cut out the section of the dash that holds the buttons, make a carbon fibre insert, move all the buttons over and in the process change out the hazard switch. I’ve already made the carbon fibre sheet and cut out the section of the dash. I hit a bit of a hurdle with the removing the switch, but I’ll leave that for the write up on the work page. A few random picture below.

I didn’t quite get the first layer of carbon fibre to sit how I would have liked… but it has a certain homemade charm about it which I like!

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