Winter plans (continued)

So I’m going to change how I do the blog a bit… I’m not keeping on top of writing up on the pages so I’m going to post a little more. When I’ve completed a job I’ll pull all of the posts together into a page for posterities sake.

I was down at the garage last night removing the panel I cut out and adding in the new hazard switch. Typical me, I was rushing a little at the end (it was cold and dark!) and pulled off one of the spade connectors. With none spare I couldn’t check to see if the new switch had fixed the problem and indeed if I’d connected everything together again properly!

As you can see it was pretty dark by the time I finished. I need to sort out some proper lighting.

With the panel back at home it’s a job for a rainy day to do the fabrication.

The next big job is lined up and ready to go. I’m moving the from a carb setup to ITBs! This was my Christmas present (and next Christmas, and the one after!). New ECU, high pressure fuel system, and some ITBs supplied by DanST Engineering.

A bit intimidated by this but I’ll keep you updated!

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